Topic Materials

Create a post on this site that covers the key points of your topic.  Your post should include the following:

  1. All relevant graphs (add a images)
  2. Key points, terms and concepts in point form
  3. Videos of concepts and/or practice problems (good sources: ACDC Leadership, MJMFoodie MicroeconmicsNo Bull Economics)
  4. One FRQ question with answers and explanations.    Find categorized FRQ on this amazing site.
  5. A selection of multiple choice questions turned into a google form to be completed by the students with a minimum of 5 questions. (good sources: AP Course Description and Sample Questions, AP Practice Exam Links, Learnerator)

Your post is due by Monday’s class of the week your topic is assigned.  All students must complete the tasks by Sunday at 11:59 of that week.

Schedule and Topics

I will share a blank google form with you so that I can help you with flubaroo.


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